Is the name of the group that we are. This period bloomed as the fruit of years of sharing the spiritual path, the music of the soul, the friendship and The Path of the Heart.


Along our way in the music, it is the live tradition of Mother Nature and the devotional and classical music of India that have inspired us. We are brought together by the paths of devotion, meditation, the art of co-creation, and the joy these holy chants and melodies.

About the mantras and devotional music

``Music is a bridge to the eternal, it is the language of silence. The bhajans open the heart and quiet the mind, and the silence is born out of that practice that enables the spiritual practice. The devotional chants are forms of prayer, and independently of the meaning of the words that are being sang, we are always calling to the Supreme. We are knocking at the doors of the hall of truth. Sanscrit is a language considered perfect, due to the power that it has to act on your system, and to the way it opens and closes certain doors. ``

Sri Prem Baba


Mantras Universales

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